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What is M&A due diligence?

wall-street-due-diligenceMergers and acquisitions (M&A) due diligence refers to the process during an initiated business transaction (“deal”) whereby a potential buyer verifies information about a candidate seller before completing the transaction. At times, the M&A due diligence process may also extend to a seller conducting a self assessment to position itself with buyers in anticipation of a transaction.

In law, due diligence means doing everything that is reasonable, not everything that is possible. Thus the “due” in “due diligence” implies that the care exhibited by the buyer/seller deal team during the transaction process be commensurate with the stakes of the deal at hand.

The primary intent of M&A due diligence is for the buyer to learn as much as possible about the seller that could affect critical deal-related issues, such as the alignment of buyer and seller pre-transaction purposes; the valuation-based transaction terms and conditions; the transition and integration of the seller into the combined entity after the transaction; and the ongoing sustainability and prosperity of the combined entity.

Value Proposition

business-due-diligenceDiliVer is a venture-funded financial technology (FinTech) M&A software company with specialized due diligence solutions that help yield better combined entity outcomes and a variety of other transaction life-cycle benefits.

Our industry-specific (“domain-verticalized”)/data-driven (“scorecard-powered”) applications drive a new due diligence paradigm that improves the quality and reduces the risk of M&A transactions for strategic/financial buyers (e.g., large corporations, private equity firms), all stages of sellers (e.g., established companies, emerging small businesses), and their intermediaries (e.g., advisors, specialists) when forming new combined entities.

DiliVer’s customers either perform M&A financial, legal, or operational (our sweet spot) due diligence services directly or outsource such services from M&A ecosystem providers.

Purpose, Mission, and Vision

gold-due-diligenceDiliVer’s purpose is to build an elite company that specializes in applying business excellence principles and practices to the M&A community to achieve better transaction life-cycle results.

To change the way M&A transactions are thought about and conducted, DiliVer was founded with the mission to create innovative due diligence software products, with complementary consulting services and analytics data, to help deal teams in select vertical markets optimize the new combined entities they are forming. Initially we are offering solutions to the information technology, healthcare, energy, hospitality, travel & tourism, and telecommunications industries and a variety of domains within those industries.

The long-term vision of DiliVer is to integrate its new vertical market due diligence software with existing horizontal market M&A software, where such a fully-integrated product line will lead to comprehensive “breadth and depth” solutions that may be deployed and cross-promoted within a collaborative M&A ecosystem.

Customer Testimonials:

We DiliVer!

  • I agree with DiliVer’s premise that there is a significant requirement and market opportunity for these types of due diligence applications. DiliVer addresses the major problem of how to improve the probability of a successful M&A post-transaction outcome with its multi-tiered due diligence scorecards and other related tools.

    VP & General Manager Global Fortune 500 Company Financial Services Group
  • Their solution would help overcome significant operational and cost risks by providing buyers, sellers, and deal teams with a way to quantitatively assess transaction readiness and by offering tangential benefits such as improving valuations, post-merger integrations, and the workflow management of the due diligence process. These solutions would be provided while saving investors along with independent sponsors labor hours for principal and analyst involvement.

    Founding Partner Private Equity Firm
  • While representing us, DiliVer used its software and techniques to compare multiple deal options to acquire and integrate a prime government contract vehicle and related assets from one of many small businesses already on that vehicle.

    Vice President IT/Government Services Company
  • DiliVer assisted us on a capital raise to fuel our growth through new marketing and sales initiatives.  Their creative use of the enterprise performance scorecard combined with a performance improvement plan helped us clarify our positioning as a market leader to investors.

    CEO IT/Proposal Management Software Co.
  • DiliVer’s methodologies and tools were instrumental in helping us during fundraising and to secure growth expansion financing for our new business unit.

    Chief Financial Officer Housing & Construction/Interiors Company
  • During our growth capital raise to attract investors, DiliVer successfully used its innovative software products and complementary services to help us re-position our integrated packages of solution offerings across multiple markets in select regional geographies.

    CEO Travel & Tourism/Media Company
  • We believe that these software tools will not only save DiliVer’s clients money, but they will also help make them money.

    CEO International Technology Development Company

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